Amity Global School, Noida


Hi-tech Classrooms

Amity Global School Noida has been designed with globally benchmarked facilities keeping in mind the needs of students across the world.

Math room

students are provided with a separate math room which is well-equipped with all digital facilities and mathematical kits. The experiential learning method with an arithmetical ambience enables and motivates the students to develop a clear and strong concept of the subject.

Economics room

It is enriched with the information of global finance on display board, furnished with ICT facilities that offers students an interesting and informative space that makes them eager to study, clear their doubts and carry on their research work.

Hindi room

plays the role of a perfect language guide for the students. There are three sections on display boards presenting the creative writing, morphology and remarkable works of Hindi literature. These pictorial and informative write ups help in the development of ideas ,concepts and facts that facilitate their language in the long run. The, digital facility develops the visual learning and listening skills within the learners.

English room

Having Pictorial display boards, interesting charts with grammatical contents to jog students’ memories, as well as being vibrant with students’ creative works, English room of Amity Global School presents students a pleasant personalized touch in language learning. Simultaneously, a separate language room with all teaching aids helps the learner in facilitating their productive (speaking and writing) and receptive (reading and listening) skills without any interruption.