Amity Global School, Noida



Amity Global School pride ourselves on the well-equipped Science Labs with all the required safety protection.

At Amity Global School we have a well-equipped and well ventilated Biology laboratory that caters to students from Nursery to A levels. Having excellent lighting facilities as well as all the apparatus, it has a wide range of sensors used by students for advanced research in the areas of their interests. The specimens, permanent slides and charts enhance the teaching - learning process resulting in individual growth. The integration of theory and practical provides hands on learning experience to the students that motivates them towards further research and development.

The students are provided with a well-equipped Physics Laboratory where practical classes are designed to complement materials that have been presented in theory lessons. Students spend considerable parts of their time doing a wide range of practical or laboratory work. Here the learning is very 'hands on' and classes are designed to allow students to develop a wide range of techniques and personal skills. Besides, Students here get exposed to conventional methods as well as highly sophisticated techniques of data collection using software based sensors.

Amity Global School has a well-resourced chemistry lab with up-to-date apparatus as well as required chemicals that caters the students from primary to the secondary level. Keeping the latest curriculum in mind the lab is furnished with spectrophotometer, conductivity meter, vacuum pump and other necessary assets such as distillation assembly, stirrer, heating mantle to provide the students with an integrated approach where theory and practical are mingled in a planned way. Besides, in accordance with the international standard our lab has eyewash, shower and fume hood to ensure the safety of students while conducting experiments.

Information and communication technology (ICT) has added a new dimension to the 21st century education. In this era of digital world ICT Lab in Amity Global School, Noida provides the actual platform and exposure for young minds. Our lab is networked and well equipped with latest computer systems with 1:1 ratio of user and machine. Enabled with a complete Wi-Fi campus; ICT Lab and digital resource center, we provide the facility to our students to explore the world through internet. In order to facilitate qualitative research works senior students are also allowed to use laptops and iPads within the school premise.

Moreover, the school has already installed its’ in house designed and highly advanced ERP system which make required information accessible to the authorized users at the click of a button. Enough computers are deployed for students to use, as well as latest laptops with good configuration are provided to the teachers to do their research works.