Amity Global School, Noida


Career Counselling Cell

Welcome to the Amity Global School’s Career Counselling Programme. As our students begin to prepare and make decisions about their future plans, it is our responsibility to enrich our students with knowledge of their options after school. This awareness and information will help children to make the right choices over the next few years. We aim to help students identify their dreams and provide them with information to make them a reality.

Throughout the year, the Career Counseling Programme will host events, which will provide students the opportunity to engage and interact with:

  • Representatives from national and international Colleges / Universities (College Day Fairs)
  • Professionals and Experts from varied fields

Through One to One counseling sessions, students will gain clarity about the careers and colleges which best fit their needs, strengths, and area of interests. Once students select their schools, they will be guided through the admission process, from filling out the forms to writing their college essays.

Mental Health and Well-being Programme

We at Amity Global School believe in creating a strong foundation for every student by focusing on their Academic growth, Social Development and Emotional Development. This is done by providing students with Social and Emotional Learning Skills and Individual Counselling. Every student is blessed with strengths and weaknesses. Our Social and Emotional Learning Skills Programme focuses on helping each student discover their strengths and learning ways to use them more often in their day to day life for a successful tomorrow. As a part of Social and Emotional Learning Skills Programme, we help students develop skills such as Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance, Handling emotions like anger and frustration, connecting to people, overcoming examination anxiety, enhancing self-esteem and more, so that they are more prepared for the real world with appropriate Self-Help skills.

In Individual counselling, we provide students with the opportunity to discuss any kind of concern: academic, emotional or personal with our Counselling Psychologist .Sometime new students experience adjustment problems; during examination many students experience examination anxiety; sometimes students experience peer pressure or low confidence level. Our mental health counsellor deals with these kinds of concerns and more in individual counselling sessions. These individual counselling sessions are very important because they prevent development of any severe mental health problems in students. Any problem or concern which cannot be dealt with in school premises are referred outside to specialist for in depth assessment and therapy.


Library “Where Imaginations plays, learning happens. “It is a fully-furnished, well-stocked, spacious & modern day computerized library. Besides providing books various other resource material is freely available. Major national, international magazines, newspapers and periodicals are available. The Internet based library catalogue, and the online electronic resources can be accessed from anywhere through the Internet. Reference Service is given from time to time to each student & staff for using OPAC to locate exact information needed and research based projects in a peaceful environment.