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Our Inspirations


Science and scientific knowledge greatly influence progress of a nation and quality of life of the citizens. It is essential that we make rational use of knowledge and judicious use of natural resources, so that the citizens are capacitated for logical decision making. With this vision, Amity conceptualized Children Science Foundation as a Society registered under the Society Registration act. The Foundation promotes different activities which are now an integral part of the Amity endeavor to inculcate scientific temper amongst students.

The goal of the foundation is to provide an integrated strategy to advance the frontiers of knowledge, cultivate a world-class body, broadly inclusive of science & engineering workforce and support excellence in science and engineering research and education. The aim is to expand scientific literacy and temperament of all citizens and build capacities for finding scientific solutions to environmental and developmental challenges being faced globally. This helps in strengthening the bonds between young generation.

Dear children this is a platform to develop skills to harness existing technologies for sustainable development and develop newer eco-friendly ones and pledges to safeguard the Natural Resources. You have to think globally and act locally. To meet the broad objectives of cooperation and collaboration in scientific activities, our students have not only participated in several science related activities in developing and developed countries but also won laurels and held the national flag high

I congratulate all the budding young scientists of Amity schools and their mentors for their dedication, creativity and lateral thinking capacity which has brought glory to Amity family and escalated their personalities to be bring the change they desire to make India a super power by 2030 as envisaged by our Founder President Dr Ashok K. Chauhan.

- Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan

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