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IB Information Session: Know more about the IB curriculum

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News at AGS

  • For information on our infant programme, amicots, please visit http://www.amiown.com/Amicots-For-Infants
  • For information on our toddler programme, amitots, please visit http://www.amiown.com/Amitots-For-Toddlers
  • For information on our Daycares services at the Amity Daycare and Activity Centre, please visit http://www.amiown.com/Amicasa-For-DayCare
  • AGS celebrates IBDP results for the batch of 2016

  • We are proud to announce our 100% IBDP results!

  • Prakruti Udai scored a total of 42 points with the highest possible score of 7 in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics and 6 in French & English.

  • She also achieved an A grade in her Extended Essay.

  • 50% of our students have achieved more than the world average and have achieved a creditable score of 32 points or above.

  • Our success with the IB Diploma programme continues to grow with every passing year, as there is an increase in number of students from multiple nationalities reaching out to us for the IBDP curriculum.

About Amity Global School

The Amity Global School nurtures socially responsible individuals that, although rooted in Indian values, are also aware of and respectful towards all cultures.

Our mission is to nurture young minds through a sound educational program which is sensitive to the multicultural ethos, so as to create caring and socially responsible individuals.