Bhavna Dwivedi

Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2017 10:00 PM
To: Preeti Gandotra
Cc: Chandrei Choudhury; jitendra dwivedi
Subject: Re: Family Letter

Dear Ma'am,

Good evening. 

 It was a pleasure going through the family letter.

Tanya loves every moment spent in school and we appreciate the efforts of school in making her grow in awareness and understanding of concepts. 

She daily reads a book or listens to a story before sleeping at home. 

Thank you for nurturing her with love and care.

Thank you Preeti ma'am and Chandrei ma'am for your guidance to her . She is very fond of all her teachers.


Warm regards,

Tanyas parents (Gr.1). 


Mr. Robin, Sharon''s father (Grade 2)

Sent: Wed 2/8/2017 8:07 AM

Dear Madam,

This Sharon's dad. Want to appreciate and thank you for teaching so wonderfully. Sharon was describing and explaining about Oceans, Bay , coastal regions and all the continents and is getting more and more comfortable. She was also very happy that you hugged her when she was crying in the morning yesterday. Thanks again.

Robin  & Benita



Mrs.Jog, mother of Gurjas Jog (Nursery ) 

Sent: Monday, October 24, 2016 11:28:31 AM

Hi Shivani.. How are you?

Thankfully by God's grace, I have got an awesome teacher for Gurjas. He reads words easily now. He says, " I feel so happy Mumma that I read well."
Actually due to his eyes opration he was at home for 4 months, which was his initial period of study.  I was so worried about him as to how he will cope up in KG. I really appreciate your effort and the way you have taught my son in such less time.

Seriously.... Thank you so much! Touchwood!

He came back from school this Friday holding his ORT reading book in his hand. Without changing his clothes and without keeping his bag, he wanted me to make him read the book.

Never seen a teacher like you! Hats off to you dear!


From: Al-Amin Yusuph 
Sent: Monday, May 29, 2017 2:21 PM
To: Preeti Gandotra
Cc: Cornelia Love
Subject: RE: Family Letter

Dear Preeti

Once again many thanks for all your hard work and the excellent approach to guide the learning and teaching of our children. I am sure the children will miss you just as much as we parents do. I am attaching the photos I took on Saturday for you.

Receive our most kind regards with the best summer holiday  best wishes.


Sent with my kind regards

Al-Amin Yusuph,


From: Bhavna Dwivedi 
Date: 30/05/2017 21:11 (GMT+05:30)
To: Preeti Gandotra 
Cc: Chandrei Choudhury, jitendra dwivedi 
Subject: Thank you

Dear Preeti Ma'am,


A very good evening.

We take this opportunity to thank you yet again for leaving a valuable impression in Tanya's growing up years.

We offer our gratitude as parents to ALL the teachers of Grade 1. 

We could see Tanya grow as an affectionate child ,who valued every experience and individual around her. 

She beautifully developed the ability to observe, question and reflect because of the wholesome experiences she gained at school.

We could see the joy and confidence on her face when each morning she forgot to look back at us when we came to drop her instead her steps full of excitement made her rush inside the school.

We often joked with her that please help us get admission in your school as we never went to such a great school. She used to smile with a sparkle in her eyes.

She always has wonderful things to share about her friends.At such a young age she has learnt to appreciate the good in others. She feels happy with the achievements of her friends and all this wouldn't have been possible without your meaningful and thoughtful lessons. 

We are filled with immense pride when we see her humming songs to herself in English and when asked she shared that 'my western music teacher introduced me to these songs'. Thank you for helping her come face to face with her interests. 

We are also touched when we see her write such expressive letters to us. 

We couldn't have asked for better opportunities for our child.

I had my fears when I had to send her for her swimming class and shared the same with Chandrei Ma'am but one phone call to her changed everything and the way she gave me the confidence that school will take care and we shouldn't miss on this opportunity. Since then I could see my fears as a parent disappear.  

Thank you Chandrei ma'am for gifting us that moment of trust and faith.

Looking back we remember well that when she joined Amity she was struggling with recognition of Hindi letters and now within a year she can read,write,spell effortlessly and it doesn't end here she now wants to learn and explore more. Has developed interest in comics and her day ends with a story session at home. 

 We also take this moment to thank Principal Arti Gupta Ma'am who welcomed us at every event with so much of love. Thank you to ma'am for always encouraging our child and creating such wonderful learning platforms. 

Tanya always wanted to be in proper uniform so that she could make Principal ma'am happy. She remembers that on receiving her year end reward ma'am shook hands with her and said to her

' I am proud of you Tanya '. This was most special for her and she was delighted on receiving that special touch. 

 We end by thanking Amity Management and family for giving a prestigious platform to our child to learn and grow and move on to face the world confidently.

We will make our child follow the message of Respected Chairperson ma'am that Amitians must believe in themselves and their lofty goals.


Warm regards,

Parents of Tanya Dwivedi


Grade 1.


From: Jyoti Manral 
Sent: Monday, July 31, 2017 9:23 AM
To: principal
Cc: Ved Prakash; tanuja Adlakha; Shikha Babbar
Subject: updates


Dear Ms. Gupta,

Hope this finds you and your team well. I a writing this to share updates from my end.

We have recently relocated to Gurgaon from Mumbai where kids had a comfortable life space of their own (friends, adopted street pets and hang out places +grand parents and a good governess :). They have been very nervous about their new school, new set of teachers and classmates. 

As a mother witnessing stress on their innocent faces has been very unnerving and depressing.

Last week, although just two days spent has been an amazing week. Ms. Shikha and Mr. Ved has kept us updated in such organised way that for some one who always has 72 hours packed in 24 it indeed has been a boon. It takes lots of efforts to have such output.

So a few updates from my end

1) Sahil and Aryan  are happy boys  chatting all the time about there school, the weekend has been lively with all the activities around school with not even a slight reminder from my end-I thank the teachers for initiating responsibility

2) They are still in state of daze from "my teachers are so calm and chilled out". They have been talking constantly about the "stuff" their teachers make them do-Two days; a big change as my boys donot talk school at home.

3) Sahil has finished his homework on time with no pestering from my end, Aryan too (we did cheat a little there with I helping him as he wanted to make a good impression on his "new teacher" but we will correct that very soon).

4) No bullying in first two days, that speaks a lot of healthy culture. Thank you.

As I close this mail, I want you to know I feel happy for making the choice on behalf of both my children becoming part of Amity Global School.

looking ahead to a wonderful new semester full of more happy experiences.


Warm regards


Jyoti Manral