About Us

Mr. Ved Prakash
DP Coordinator and IBDP/ IGCSE Physics Teacher


Mr. Ved Prakash has to his credit, a Master's Degree in Physics (specialization in Electronics) from St. Columba’s College (VBU), along with a Bachelor degree in education (B.Ed.) from Institute of Higher Education, DPS Society (GGSIP University, New Delhi). His academic proficiency is complimented with various professional courses and workshops such as IBDP physics category 1 and 2, IBDP coordinator category 3 and IGCSE assessment. He is an IB Examiner for HL physics and moderator for internal assessment since last two years and has been a workshop leader. He has been a constant motivating factor for his students who have inspired to pursue physics for higher studies and go for research in various universities and organizations in India and abroad, including Cambridge and CERN.

He has an experience of more than 12 years as a facilitator out of which 10 years with international curriculum, IGCSE, A-level and IB with different prestigious institutions like DPS International, Saket and The Banyan Tree IB world School, Gurgaon. He has a proven leadership quality and functioned at various administrative levels such as Science Head, CIE and IB Curriculum coordinator.