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Mrs. Subhalakshmi Mukhopadhyay
English Teacher


Designation: English Teacher. Subjects: CIE/IGCSE (EFL & ESL), IB: Language A: English Literature; Language B: English

Subhalakshmi Mukhopadhyay is a proficient teacher having M. Phil, M.A. & B.A in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University and also B.Ed degree. A passionate teacher, she has been teaching for over 14 years,-7 years in International Boards- CIE (IGCSE/A levels) and IB and 7 years in ICSE/ISC boards. Previous experiences include teaching senior sections of Calcutta International School, Kolkata; Delhi Public School International, Saket and Ashok Hall Girls’ Residential School, Uttarakhand. She is an accredited teacher of CIE to set and assess Coursework in ESL. She has successfully completed professional development IB trainings in “Language A: Language and Literature” and “Language B: English” and CIE trainings “Assessment for learning course” and “Online self-study course for First Language English Teachers.” She has attended British Council ELT workshops & British Council Horn by ELT seminars in order to improvise her teaching-learning methodologies for ESL students. She has been actively involved in Literary and Dramatics Clubs guiding students to participate in various co-curricular activities like elocution, extempore, debate and drama.