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Mr. Kachingmi Zingkhai
Music Teacher


Mr. Kachingmi Zingkhai is a professional musician (western music). He is a vocalist and a guitarist in the band ‘Towering faith’. He has completed his guitar grade 8 certificates from trinity college, London, Vocal grade 8 from rock school, UK. He received teaching excellence certificate from Trinity, London in 2012. He won the best vocalist title in rock beat contest in 2004, first prize in NSUD singing competition, Delhi in 2005.

He has been teaching music since 2004. He worked in creative music school, Delhi as a guitar(classical, acoustic and electric guitar ), drums and vocal teacher, conducted guitar ensemble in the church and started’ Amity global school guitar ensemble group’ for the first time in 2013. He has been teaching in Amity global school since 2010.